Personal Training and Virtual Coaching
for your journey as a Mom - 
Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

Grow and be strong in your body with flexible, personalized workouts you can incorporate into your day, with minimal equipment.

'Be healthy for you, for them.

It's not about 'getting your body back' - It's about learning to love, grow and beSTRONG in the new, amazing, accomplished body you have now.

Being the healthiest version of yourself helps you better care for your children and loved ones. Fill your cup first, or you’ll have nothing to share with others.'

- Coach Lisa


Personal Training and

Custom Programming

A woman’s body goes through many changes, especially during pregnancy and childbirth. 

During this time of immense physical and physiological change, you may struggle to find time for exercise or self-care. 


That’s why our personalized coaching programs are flexible to where you are now. You can have a healthy conception and pregnancy now AND have the energy to be a mom with all the daily demands once baby is here. A progressive, tailored approach may be the key to helping you start:

When you’re all in, personal coaching can help you reach your goals faster. You get 1:1 support with all the flexibility you need to live your life healthily and be present for your children.


To get started, book a complimentary 15-min chat with Lisa


Ready to adopt new healthy habits into your daily life?

You can be MOM STRONG when you learn to incorporate exercise, stretches, and purposeful movement into your busy life.

Let’s chat about where you want to be and what your personal fitness program looks like.