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Updated: Jan 4

Congratulations on starting your postpartum journey. I'm Lisa, and I'm here to help you along, gaining (or regaining) your strength and fitness.

This is the members area of the website. You can learn more about the program, what to expect, frequently asked questions and more.

Each Monday, a new video will be uploaded with content from myself, or one of the beMOMSTRONG expert collaborators. I've been talking to them about so many different things - pelvic floor health, diet, hormones, prolapse, stress, rest and even more!

We bring you the latest science, research and information so you can educate yourself and enjoy the process of getting strong and fit.

If you have any topics you'd like us to cover - please let me know! You can also reach out to Jodie, Dr Sara or Tawnya directly to book an appointment for physiotherapy, naturopathy or massage.

There is a Facebook group too - join in to keep the motivation high and connect with others on a similar journey.

The video below summarizes what I've written - but have a watch if you'd like more a more in-depth view (and to hear my kiwi accent) :)

- Coach Lisa

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