Want to get back to working out but have no idea where to start?

At beMOMSTRONG, we have a number of virtual and in person coaching services to help you regain (or gain!) your strength and fitness whether you're 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years postpartum!

Our #1 product is our monthly program subscription. The most comprehensive postpartum workout program available! 

What you get:

  • 3 workouts per week

  • Workouts include strength, HIIT and endurance work

  • Personalized programming app

  • Coach feedback and accountability

  • Exclusive postpartum expert content

  • Free access to weekly zoom workout

  • Facebook community group

Ever considered group fitness, personal training or ANY other fitness program? 

Then this program is for you. 

It's time to tap into your Mom Strong. 

"The work I did with Lisa kept my mind and my body strong in the days leading to and following the birth of my daughter."

Bronwyn M

beMOMSTRONG Monthly Program


Realtime Coaching

Q&A and Video Feedback


Weekly Workouts

3 workouts per week - 30-35mins long



All fitness levels welcome


Movement Library

Demonstration and Explanation

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Exclusive Community

Facebook group access


Exclusive Content

Industry experts offer advice and opinions


beMOMSTRONG Monthly Program

$75 per month

Coaching, Accountability,

Expert Content and More

Lisa introduced me to true strength training a few years ago, and it has changed my life in so many positive ways. I have never been so motivated and excited to hit my workouts every day. The training is super focused and goal-specific, which makes me strive to improve every single day and I love having longer term goals always on the horizon. I have never been stronger, healthier and more confident in the gym in my life. Lisa always knows just what to say to keep you pushing further – sometimes a reassuring word of encouragement, sometimes a needed kick in the pants! I would never have made the gains I have made without Lisa’s awesome coaching.

Francine Rattray

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